Ducks Do It All

Ducks are unique birds that come in various shapes and colors, but what’s intriguing is their ability to do it all.  Being able to swim, walk, and fly makes them a fascinating sight.  It sounds a lot like the Oregon Ducks football team.

Over the past four seasons these birds have gone 46-7 with offense being the main reason for this success.  What is often overlooked is the resiliency that Oregon’s defense brings into games.

Kevin Cline and Kaly Hardwood

Cornerback Ifo Ekpre-Olomu has big expectations leading into the 2013 season.

The Duck’s defense led the nation in overall turnovers last season. Nick Allioti likes to rotate players – especially along the defensive front – and because of this, the defense has been one of the best at generating consistent pressure.  Constant pressure creates sacks, but also forces opposing quarterbacks to rush their throws, allowing for Oregon’s physical corners to make plays on the ball.  This pressure has made life rough on offenses and the results show, with the Ducks’ turnovers-forced rate among the top in the nation. Expect things to only get better.  The starting defensive backfield – a backfield that led the nation in interceptions a season ago — returns for the 2013 season.

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Bryan Holt

Bryan Holt

Bryan Holt is a 20 year old junior at the University in Oregon looking to major in Journalism and Communications with hopes in pursuing a career as a sports writer or analyst.

  • maddogsfavsnpiks

    Cute, Bryan.. next, will you be telling us ducks don’t squawk, they talk…?

    My personal favorite is roast duck, wild rice-fed duck, not overly cooked,
    tender and buttery to taste, melting on the tongue… sorta like your
    PAC 12 Football Championship hopes melted on that fateful Saturday, Nov
    17, 1012, in the beautiful Willamette Valley fly-way. Do ducks cry ?
    Do they shed tears ? And do they have fears ? What about for the
    coming years ? Especially next year, on Thursday, Nov 9, 2013 when most ducks must migrate south for the winter… to Palo Alto (it means “Tall Tree” in Spanish – do ducks understand Spanish ?) – watch out for those sturdy tree trunks and limbs thrashing in the bay breeze, after the sun goes down when it’s harder to see walls and fences… The solid branches are usually much stronger than delicate wing bones, which can snap on contact in a flurry of feathers and leaves… ouch !

    Football games are won or lost in “the trenches” and good defense wins games, great defense wins championships.Somewhere,
    in raspy, avian tones, a mournful voice sings, “I talk to the trees,
    but they don’t listen to me, I talk to them all, but they never hear

    However, i’m not like alotta trees Bryan, i’m listening…

    • Hatorade

      Hey buddy, you’re clearly way over the legal limit, why don’t you go home and sleep it off.

      Your team has been garbage for 20 years, and the googly-eyed saplings will lose 4 (yes, FOUR!!) games this year, including the game you speak of, and regardless of being in your crappy whisper-quiet stadium (that only fills even most of the way up when Oregon is in town.) Stanford has no chance against the Ducks this year.

      Congrats though, you finally won a conference championship.

      • maddogsfavsnpiks

        haha… ur t’anks fur thah wuarninggh ociffer…

        Can you put me in the same cell where they kept Cliff Harris and Darren Thomas, who wasn’t smokin’ nuthin’ honest… what’s that ? you let ’em go ? sweeeet !


        “garbage for 20 years”, eh ?… gee, the only team to beat the Chippenducks TWICE in the last 4 yrs is “garbage” ? What does that make you ? 2+2 = garbage ..Hmmmust be part of le strange breed of math they teach in Ugene. i guess havin’ webs for feet makes it hard to count on your toes….

        Wins in the last 20 games between the two teams : Oregon 11 Stanford 9… pretty even, Steven… and kinda surprisin’ since you had excellent coaching from Brooks, Bellotti, n Kelly and we had Teevens n Harris when you got most of your wins… Whoopeee ! Congratulations, you must be proud of beatin’ that garbage. But also, 9 losses to garbage, so seems like you’ve been eatin’ alotta garbage in your young, short (?) 20 year old life ? (How long do ducks live, anyway ?)…’course, i’ve watched ducks eat ‘n notice they’re not too particular, cluck, glug… lotsa grubs n snails n bugs n uther utter garbage type stuff so they prolly don’t live that long… Might be a hit show in you gene tho – The Utterly Gutter Gourmet …where they serve Hatorade to wash it all down…

        As for your noizey Autzen venue, i ‘spose that’s good for you, since ya got nuttin’ else to do… however i do see you were still subdued there last year, by us quieter, more subdued ones.. – alotta good all that noise n all those fans did fer ya… hah ! oh the tears ! ohh the humanity !! Cry me a Willamette !!!

        As for your predictions…4 losses eh ? No chance huh…? Care to put some real bill$$$$ where that duck bill is ?

        Lemme know…