Ducks to Make it Five Straight BCS Bowls?


Photo by Kevin Cline Photography

Ifo is a key returning player for the Ducks.

Recruits, players, coaches and analysts have grown accustomed to seeing the Oregon Ducks in BCS Bowls.  Four straight years the Ducks have made it to a BCS bowl — two Rose Bowls, one Fiesta Bowl and one National Championship — and there is a great chance that the Ducks can do it again.  Despite a young team and numerous starters moving on to the next level, anything short of a ten win season and a BCS Bowl would be considered a failure by Oregon fans, players and coaches.

Though it is tough to make a habit out of Top-10 finishes, BCS bowl appearances, and conference championships, the Ducks football team has created a culture that expects nothing less than that.  After three conference championships in the past four years and back to back BCS bowl wins, is it really plausible to ask the Duck community to expect anything less than that?  Sure, the run has to end at some point (no one expected teh Ducks to place second in the Pac-12 last year), but just when does it end?  Does it end this year, with a mediocre 9-4 season that showcases the green and yellow in the Holiday Bowl?   It’s tough to tell just when the BCS bowl run ends, but I just don’t see it happening this year.

Though it may be asking too much, the fans expect a BCS bowl berth, maybe even a national title.  No one wants this ride to end, including the players, and with the talent on board it is hard to see Oregon picking up more than a loss or two (max!) during the regular season.  With key ball-handlers like Marcus Mariota, De’Anthony Thomas, Josh Huff and Colt Lyerla returning, the Ducks are resolute on receiving another BCS bowl bid.

Feature photo by Kevin Cline Photography

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Brandon Gruber

Brandon Gruber

Brandon is a senior at The University of Oregon majoring in Film Studies and minoring in Communications. Brandon has been a Duck fan for ten years since he moved from southern California to Salem, Oregon, and quickly realized the Ducks were the missing piece in his life. A Pac-12 fan since birth, much of his family attended UCLA and has since converted all of them to the Quack Attack. Brandon interned for the Statesman Journal covering the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes and hopes to work for the Pac-12 in the near future. He also hopes to see the "Flying-V" formation played out on the football field in the fall of 2013. Brandon would love your feedback on any and all articles. Tweet me: @BrandonGruber

  • I would just like them to get that elusive Championship, that we should of played Miami the one year instead of Nebraska, When Dennis Dixon went down against Arizona, if he stay’s healthy nobody would of stopped us that year, and of coarse last year, we should of played Notre Dame instead of Alabama, because we barely lost to a top 5 Teasm in Stanford and they got shellacked in BAMA by A/M, so Oregon just seem’s to get hosed more often than not. Of coarse who could forget Chip not taking the point’s against Auburn instead of running the ball down Auburn’s strength every down and then not scoring, what did we lose by 3, well all that Babbling has a point that I will get to now, Oregon’s got it’s best Team on paper right now and there’s no reason why they can’t go undefeated this year and finally win that OH SO Elusive Crystal Ball, and I think Marc takes this Team to that next level, because unlike Chip, who had a EGO the size of Russia, Helfrich will when given the chance take the point’s, because there’s going to be one or maybe two Game’s that alway’s come’s down to a kick, and now we got a Kicker that will prove worthy. Yes most certainly 5 straight BCS Bowls!