Leader of the PAC – Ducks Post Historic Draft Class

The Oregon Ducks had five former players — the most of any PAC-12 team – drafted this weekend in the 2013 NFL Draft. It is bittersweet for us Duck fans to see our players move on to the next level but this progress in players getting drafted is great for our program as a whole!

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The five beloved Ducks take their final ride out of the tunnel, and into the NFL.

A school record five Ducks were drafted this weekend, two going in the first round.  Defensive end Dion Jordan was the third pick overall in the draft after the Miami Dolphins traded up to acquire Jordan before his former coach Chip Kelly had the chance.  Jordan is the highest Duck to be drafted since quarterback Joey Harrington went third overall in 2002.

The next Oregon player drafted was offensive lineman Kyle Long by the Chicago Bears.  Kyle has a lot of eyes on him especially after being drafted higher than expected.  With a lot of potential as the son of former NFL star Howie Long and brother of Chris Long, the sky is the limit for the young man as he looks to live up to his family’s name.

Other notable names to be mentioned: Inside linebacker Kiko Alonso, drafted the Buffalo Bills, overcame many off-field distractions and exceeded expectations and landed in the second round, which was much higher than expected.  Despite missing last season due to knee surgery, John Boyett was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the sixth round.  Also taken in the sixth round, Duck fan favorite Kenjon Barner went to the Carolina Panthers where he looks to make an impact on a packed running back depth chart.

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Bryan Holt

Bryan Holt

Bryan Holt is a 20 year old junior at the University in Oregon looking to major in Journalism and Communications with hopes in pursuing a career as a sports writer or analyst.

  • maddog48

    Sorry, Brian, but your assertion that the five Ducks drafted in the past few days is simply incorrect. Oregon has had more players drafted in previous drafts (1940, 1943, 1945, 1950, 2002). One can distinguish previous drafts on the basis of rounds, but clearly since 2002 the top draft number is six, not five.

    • Tiffany

      Dude he’s talking about this year.

      • maddog48

        Obviously, dudette, you have a problem with understanding the words “A school record five Ducks were drafted this weekend”. Perhaps before commenting you should actually comprehend what you read.

        • Bryan Holt

          Im sorry for the grammar error. I believe I meant to say that its a school record for them having two players be drafted in the first round. Thank you for pointing that out to me, I will be sure to be correct and factual with my future posts.

          • hokieduck

            It was a good piece, Bryan. You gotta grow a skin to do what you want to do. A tough one.

          • hokieduck

            Should’ve included the Undrafted Free Agents who signed with teams though.