Mack Robinson: Oregon Duck, Inspiration for Change

Michael Welborn

Michael Welborn

Michael (Editor) is a lifelong Duck fan. He grew up in Eugene attending Churchill High School and after four years in the Army he attended the University of Oregon majoring in Finance and Human Resource Management class of 1991. Following college, he received a commission in the United States Air Force where he rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before retiring in 2011. He had assignments all over the world including twice to Germany, and three tours in the Middle East and as a young captain he spent three years as an Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies AFROTC at Oregon State University. Mike is currently working as a consultant at the Space and Missile System Center in El Segundo California and living in Rancho Palos Verdes.

  • krbuford

    Dear Michael and Dano,
    Thank you for your wonderful article on my uncle Mack. I well remember seeing and holding his silver Olympic medals at his modest home on Pasenena. I remember my sense of pride in him at how he represented not only our country but all Black folk so outstandingly in the face of such hatred and racism. I would like fo make sure that my first cousin has not been left out of the story of his life though. Mack was also married to my aunt Cortez Porter and had his eldest daughter Lorraine in 1953. Though the marriage was brief, Mack maintained a relationship with his daughter and the rest of our family until his death. My cousin even attended the funeral of uncle Jack in 1972. By the way I have been an Oregon Ducks fan even though he never told me he attended your university! You all follow me on Instagram as krbuford, just wanted to let you all know because my cuz always gets overlooked!

    Karen Buford