Oregon Athletics leading the way for academics?

“Schools making the Sweet 16 typically see a 3% jump in student applications the following year, studies show.”  This according to D1 Ticker – a division 1 news consolidator – shows the type of power winning in the tournament has.  With just two wins, a school receives free publicity through the likes of ESPN and other sports media conglomerates propelling them to the centerpiece of news coverage.


The “O” is now easily traceable back to the University of Oregon

At first glance a “3% jump” seems minute, but we Duck fans must take into account the other major sports in which we have been successful this year.  First and foremost, Ducks football started the fall with a bang, ranking as a high as second in the AP polls and later dismantling Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl.  The women’s’ volleyball team also received great exposure after having an unlikely season, losing in the NCAA championship final to a tough Texas team.  Then there’s women’s track and field, which has already won NCAA championships in Cross Country and indoor track this school year.

With Oregon’s athletic success in recent years, they have gained national exposure which is priceless to the University.  Oregon’s athletic accomplishments have allowed the school to build a national brand with the “O” which is easily traceable back to the University of Oregon.  This national brand has the potential to generate more interest among high school students, which would make the school more competitive.

If this athletic prowess continues, students will come in flocks as the University of Oregon becomes a “trendy” school.   Academics will follow as Oregon will become an even more competitive school and has the chance to blossom into one of the premiere schools in the country.

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