Oregon Swag Sets the Bar

Feature Photo by Amazing Moments Photography


I am really not a fan of the word “swag”, but it’s no secret that our beloved Ducks look mighty fine on the field, and there really isn’t a better word for the amount and style of gear a Duck fan can throw on any given day.  I’m not talking about that guy who made a pair of overalls out of green duct tape or those kids who wear the green body suits.  I’m talking about the fresh gear available to Duck fans.

Professional sports teams don’t have the variety of sick apparel that we have access to.  Sure, some of it is quite overpriced because of a little check mark, but let’s not kid ourselves about just how sweet it is.

Photo by Stephanie Baldwin

This guy’s got it all: the Nike beanie, the beak, the jersey and the war paint.

No other fans bleed their colors like Duck fans do, not to mention the fact that they have fewer colors to start with.  We can buy all the uniforms that our players wear – though good luck finding a #6 – which means that our game-wear is as unpredictable as our team’s.  Want some wings for your shoes?  Done.  Need to shield your eyes from the blinding Oregon sun?  Better color coordinate.  Want to express the fact that you’re classy but also like to party?  Go ahead.  Duck fans don’t have limits, and as if a partnership with Nike didn’t already please every Duck swag fantasy, the addition of Nike subsidiary Hurley to the Oregon gear collection is the cherry on top.

We are spoiled.  We have a rich uncle who throws money at us without even blinking an eye.  If I were a “good nephew,” I would stop asking for more and just settle for what I have.  I guess I am used to Uncle Phil’s presents, and I want more!


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