Run to Sweet-16 Will Help Recruiting

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Over the last few years Oregon, along with a few other teams, has been referred to as Transfer U.  This means that rather than recruiting guys right out of high school, their coaches go after junior college players and guys who’ve just graduated from smaller school but still have a year of eligibility remaining.  This tactic has worked out pretty well for Oregon the last two years.  Last year, the Pac-12’s leading scorer was Oregon’s senior transfer Devoe Joseph.  This year we brought in the beast that is Arsalan Kazemi.

Kevin Cline Photography

The Ducks’ future looks bright thanks to the new Matt Court, amazing facilities, and improved play.

As successful these moves have been, there’s no denying the success that teams have recruiting and building a roster with the intent on the core guys being there from 2-4 years.  This past year, Altman came through by convincing Dominic Artis and Damyean Dotson to come to Eugene and was oh-so-close to getting Anthony Bennett to come as well.  This coming year’s recruiting class is shaping up nicely and is highlighted by athletic PF Jordan Bell from California.

There’s no doubting that the exposure of getting to the Sweet-16 will up our recruiting capabilities and lead to more interest from the youth.  Combine strong showings in the NCAA tournament with the most amazing athletic facilities known to man and you might have the makings of a very successful recipe brewing in Eugene.

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