Should being a Division 1 athlete be considered a job?

With the ongoing investigation the University of Oregon faces, something came to mind.  Student athletes, especially ones here, should be getting a cut of the school’s revenue from athletics.  Pay for play is a big no-no to the NCAA, but in my mind it seems fair as student athletes put in countless hours on the field, as well as in the classroom.  While universities reap all kinds of money off their athletes, the players are rewarded with free tuition, gear and other similar commodities.  At the end of the day they are still in the same position as any other student on campus and see no financial return from their dedication to the school.

Kevin Cline Photography

Fan favorite Marcus Mariota has his jersey sold in stores but sees no return from it.

Let’s face it, without student athletes and their success the University of Oregon would be a completely different school.  The school sells their players’ uniforms, puts their faces on cards and shirts which are then sold.  The revenues and profits made from this are never touched by athletes, who are not allowed by the NCAA to receive any money from the school.

With injury a prevalent issue, especially in football, a player can go from a school’s biggest star to the end of his career in a single snap.  Not only would he not be able to play football anymore, but he would get nothing out of countless hours spent training, or the numerous shirts sold with his name on it.  This could even cause him to lose his scholarship and force him to drop out of school, changing his whole life.

This example is extreme, but it has happened and I would not want to see this happen to anybody.  Do you believe college athletes should be paid?  Or do universities really deserve all the money they are reaping from their student athletes?

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Luc Hancock

Luc Hancock

Luc Hancock is a senior at the University of Oregon majoring in Public Relations. He is from San Francisco, California and loves all sports, with his favorites being baseball and basketball. Luc is a die hard bay area sports fan and has been spoiled with the recent success of his teams in the past year. He did not become a Ducks fan until he came to the university 3 years ago, but now accepts them along with his other favorite teams. When Luc is not writing, thinking, or playing sports, he enjoys watching Seinfeld reruns and hanging out with friends. Luc is open to feed back. Follow him on twitter @luchancock

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    I know this guy!

  • GratefulD_420

    College Athletes Should NOT be PAID a cut or %, however they should have stipends sufficient to cover additional expenses and equal to a grad student with assistantship.

    1. If they were paid a % of the money… they would be pros in a farm league. I among many others would NOT have interest at the level I do today. The money would disappear. (e.g. what % of NBA fans pay for access (tickets or TV coverage) to developmental league?

    2. Will there be a salary cap OR will the richest schools get the best players? Will De’Anthony make more or less than punter? Could we pay him the same as USC could have?

    3. How many schools will participate? Undoubtedly, many schools will choose NOT to participate; greatly decreasing fan participation and money. If Oregon chooses not to participate as a STATE Institution (remember TITLE IX) then what would your interest level be?

    4. I believe mostly everyone is fairly compensated under the current program. Especially, if the flat rate stipend equal to a grad student + additional expenses was in place (of course I didn’t get free meals as a grad student!!!).

    (a) The top athletes who will go pro are paying their dues in the farm league that make the PRO game so great. They WILL get paid their millions once they get there. If their was no college ranks the pros wouldn’t have their self supporting farm league. They are basically supporting an industry that will support their very lucrative future.

    (b) For the guys who won’t make the pros… they are getting a full ride scholarship and stipends to get an education they might not otherwise have access too.

    5. The NCAA should however mandate that any player given a full ride and injured in training or the game itself and in good academic standing and deemed unable to participate due to the injury should be guaranteed medical coverage, establish a payment scale for permanent debilitating injuries (similar to state/fed regs if having an injury causing permanent disability) a continuing scholarship at said institution by a general NCAA fund (from produced revenues), and not count towards the schools active player scholarship.

    -That’s my take.