Tebow to Philly?

No, it hasn’t happened – yet.  Tim Tebow was released yesterday by the New York Jets.  Apparently they would prefer this guy over a yet-to-be-doomed play-caller.  Let’s look at why Chip should look at signing Tim Tebow, because I think it has real potential.

I’m not saying Tebow is going to start for Philadelphia – even for a game – but what quarterbacks do Chip have about whom he can truly say, “He’s my guy?”  No one.

Photo by Kevin Cline Photography

Chip drafting Barkley shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Nick Foles looked promising last year as a rookie, and judging from post-game interviews against Arizona while coaching at Oregon, Chip has a soft spot for him.  Vick is obviously the QB that all of the “knowledgeable” analysts are dubbing the starter, even though we all know Chip wants a passer first.  Dixon poses and interesting option, but he has very little experience despite his years in the NFL, and Chip might want a more youthful player with a higher ceiling.  Throw in the first pick in the fourth round from USC, Matt Barkley, and the QB race is wide open.

Realistically, Chip won’t take a chance on Tebow for cap, and potential reasons.  But if you can sign him for a reasonable amount of money, and you have the space, you have no reason not to take a chance.  Chip is one of the best play-designers in the football world and I venture to guess he could utilize Tebow better than any coach in the NFL.

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