The Meat of the Ducks’ Pac-12 Schedule Starts Tonight

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The Ducks after Saturday’s win over Washington

I’m sure the Ducks baseball team respects every Pac-12 opponent – as well they should – but let’s be honest; USC, Arizona, and Washington are not on the same level as the Ducks.  Sure, these three teams gave the Ducks a few scares, but Oregon still went 8-1 against them, and they have a combined 35-46 record on the season.

The #11 Ducks* will not have such an easy time in the next few weeks, though.

First off, they go to Arizona State for a three-game series starting tonight.  The Sun Devils have an unremarkable 15-8 record (4-5 in Pac-12 play), but their schedule has included three-game series against #6-ranked Oregon State and  #10 UCLA, two games against #14 Arkansas, and

© 2013 Gary Breedlove Photography

Sorry Arizona, you’re no Arizona State.

one against a tough Gonzaga team.  15-8 (and 4-5) looks much better considering who they’ve played.

The Ducks continue their road trip against Oregon State for one game right after the ASU series.  A 2-2 record over these next four games would be a success.

The Ducks (sort of) get a breather after Oregon State, traveling to play Cal for three games and Portland for one. However, these aren’t patty-cake opponents and the games are at the tail-end of an eight-game road trip.

When the Ducks come home nearly three weeks from now, they play UCLA for three games — not the best welcome home gift.

I have no doubts that the Ducks can beat any of these teams, but they are going to have to be at the top of their game to do so.  After these next eleven games, we’ll have a good sense of how good Oregon truly is.


*All rankings in this article are based on Baseball America’s Top 25 list.

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