Three Rivalries That Need to Start


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Rivalries are the best part of sports.  The Passion.  The Intensity.  The Hatred.

Photo by Kevin Cline

Everything is more intense in a rivalry game

We all love to hate the Huskies and poke fun at the Beavers (and their stupid new logo), but don’t we all watch a game and say, “I want to play that team?”  What if we could actually get teams to Autzen — we do have home and home series’ with Michigan State and Texas A&M — and create new rivalries?

Stanford and Notre Dame play out of conference every year and always shell out an entertaining game.  So if you could pick who the Ducks could play yearly who would you pick?  Here are my top 3:


Michigan Wolverines

We all remember 2007 in the Big House.  More than 100,000 fans showed up to see the Wolverines play — or try to play — the Nike poster children under Chip Kelly’s newly integrated offense.

They didn’t stand a chance.  Dennis Dixon, Jonathon Stewart and Brian Paysinger demolished the over-rated Michigan squad 39-7, humbling Michigan fans and taking a hammer to the turf for good measure.  The Ducks accumulated 624 yards of offense and set the bar for future Oregon offenses.

Photo by Amazing Moments Photography

Mariota would show Michigan fans what a dual-threat QB with throwing capabilities looks like

That game surely looms in the back of Wolverines minds around the country, and I really wouldn’t mind doing that year in and year out.  The Ducks have also been criticized for soft play against bigger, heavier teams.  The Ducks of old may have had those problems, but I’d love to show the country what we are doing here by beating one of the most decorated football programs.


Florida Gators

I’m not sure what it is about Florida that I hate so much.  It could be Urban Meyer.  It could be Joakim Noah.  It could be that they are in the SEC.  What I do know is that recently they have been known as a team with serious speed, just like us.

Photo by Amazing Moments Photography

Not even Florida’s defense could contain the Mamba.

There aren’t many teams in the country that have so many dynamic athletes.  Playing the Gators year in and year out would be a real treat to both fan bases and any college football fan.  If any team in the country could compare to Oregon’s speed, it would be Florida.

The best part about this game would be the scoreboard.  Florida has a potent defense with massive defensive linemen and quick defensive backs, but I think the Ducks would put up points.  Watching our defense take on Mike Gillislee and Co. would be one of the most fun battles Duck fans have seen.


Boise State

Duck!  The LaGarrette Blount punch will stick in college football fans, and any general sports fans minds until the day they die.  For this reason, and the fact that we lost twice to those Smurfs, I wish we played them regularly.

The Duck would gladly take on Boise State’s mascot

The trash-talk between players and fans would start weeks before the game, just like last time.  Hopefully no fists would fly, but the atmosphere of the game would be something not many of the most bitter rivals can create.  Proximity is also key since Boise and Eugene are driving distance and fans are bound to run into each other fairly frequently.

It may be pointless due to the hatred for each other, but both teams are the fashionistas of college football.  Oregon is NikeU, and Boise State has the most recognizable field in the world.  Seeing two teams that set the precedent for innovative excellence square off (no pun intended) is always fun to watch.

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Brandon Gruber

Brandon Gruber

Brandon is a senior at The University of Oregon majoring in Film Studies and minoring in Communications. Brandon has been a Duck fan for ten years since he moved from southern California to Salem, Oregon, and quickly realized the Ducks were the missing piece in his life. A Pac-12 fan since birth, much of his family attended UCLA and has since converted all of them to the Quack Attack. Brandon interned for the Statesman Journal covering the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes and hopes to work for the Pac-12 in the near future. He also hopes to see the "Flying-V" formation played out on the football field in the fall of 2013. Brandon would love your feedback on any and all articles. Tweet me: @BrandonGruber

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    What’s another word for pirate treasure?

  • Boise State was at the top of my list. Both BSU and Oregon have recently found it difficult to find anybody who wants to play them. Both schools have smaller than desired size stadiums, which apparently factors in to teams not wanting to do a home and home. BSU fans like to point out that they have dominated Oregon in the 2-game series between these two teams. I think Oregon can even that up in 2 seasons. A rivalry should be challenging, and if OSU and UW can’t get up for the game any more, I think BSU would be a great replacement. Any of these games would be more entertaining than watching Nicholls State try to slow Oregon’s offense. Are all the good FCS teams now too scared to schedule Oregon too? This is the only team willing to play August 31?

  • I would love to see the rivalry, which already exists between UO and BSU fans, be permitted to take clearer a form on the field. I like Michigan, but BSU makes so much more sense. The bad blood is there, and like you pointed out, the two schools aren’t that far apart. Make it so!

  • Frist non-conference game should be a cupcake to get our feet wet and get back into rhythm. Second non-conference game must be BSU. Third non-conference game should be an SEC team. Also, since there’s always been a hatred between the PAC-12 and SEC, I think it should be an annual event that every PAC-12 team plays an SEC team. The PAC-12 big shots need to go on a major media campaign to force the SEC in to this annual event. The only games they’ll play outside their conference are cupcakes, by choice. We end up with cupcakes because all the so-called big teams won’t agree to play us when we invite them.