Will Recruiting be Affected by Yesterday’s Announcement?

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Everyone has been making a big deal of this whole NCAA investigation.  The Ducks likely will lose a few scholarships, but Husky fans claim the imminent doom of our football program, and television announcers throw in a blurb during every Duck game, making it seem like not a kid in the country wants to go to a school under scrutiny.

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Producing NFL talent like Dion Jordan will lock student athletes’ eyes on Oregon.

Let me be the first, or the most recent – I don’t really care – to say Oregon will be FINE!  No bowl ban seems likely from yesterday’s documents and at most five scholarships will be deducted, though I think the lucky number will be three.  From the standpoint of our coaches, who are already stingy to dish out offers and always have scholarships in hand, this is a minor blip in the Ducks’ mission for college football dominance.

Kevin Cline

Gear like this never hurts in the eyes of a recruit.

No, it is never a good thing to be highlighted in the media for bad practice, cheating or any combination of the sort, but let’s be real for a minute.  The Ducks did nothing close to Miami, Ohio State or North Carolina.  The Ducks will go to another bowl game this year and reel in another top-20 class, and there is really no way around it.  Even if the Ducks do get a bowl ban, no one said we can’t buy our team championship rings at the end of the season.

The point is, recruiting will truck on even if the Ducks get the most severe punishment — a bowl ban — for their actions.  With such a unique culture, and a resumé to boot, my projected three scholarship reduction will do nothing to impede Oregon’s run.

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