Basketball’s Transfer U

Since Dana Altman took over as head basketball coach three seasons ago we have had as many players transfer in and out of the program as any in college basketball.   Heralded players such as Jameel Wilson and Malcolm Armstead left the program when Ernie Kent was fired.  However, coach Altman has done as good a job as any at landing transfers from all over the country.  In recent years, Altman has landed big time contributors such as Canadians Devoe Joseph and Olu Ashalu.  He recruited the high flying Carlos Emory who had huge dunk after huge three all season long.

Arsalan Kazemi is just one of many successful Ducks who transfered from other universities

Arsalan Kazemi is just one of many successful Ducks who transfered from other universities.

His best transfer has to be Arsalan Kazemi. He led the nation in rebounding his last season at Rice and was an absolute beast for us on both ends of the floor for the Ducks this past season.   He also has the honor of being the first Iranian born NCAA basketball player.  Both Carlos Emory and Arsalan Kazemi were instrumental in the Ducks winning the Pac-12 Conference Tournament and the somewhat unexpected run to the Sweet-16 after being wrongfully given a 12 seed in the NCAA Tourney.

These names are just the beginning of Transfer U.  We already have two more transfers signed, one committed, and one still considering us for this year.  We are quickly becoming Transfer University for basketball.  However, with the amount of one and dones these days it’s turning out to be a smart tactic to get college ready players, even if they are transfers.


Photo Courtesy of Kevin Cline

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Alex Hausman

Alex Hausman

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