Can’t Beat The Best… Or Can You?

Facility In Progress

Kevin Cline

Facility In Progress

The average smelly, broken down high school locker room and the lavish Ducks’ locker room are light years apart – and about to go to light centuries.  The Casanova Center has been one of the most technologically advanced training facilities since its opening in 1991.  In 2011 Bleacher Report rated the 12 million dollar facility as one of the top 8 training grounds in the country!  With a beautiful locker room, high tech training equipment, and cutting edge practice accommodations, what more could a student athlete coming from a crummy high school locker room ask for?

Sports technology is booming at an incredibly fast pace, and a 22-year-old facility is considered a fossil in sports science terms.  When it came time to upgrade, the Ducks didn’t waste a minute – just like their super speed offense – and will have a brand new 68 million dollar facility up and running by this fall.

That’s right, 68 million dollars, which is almost six times what the Casanova Center is worth!  The yet-to-be-named facility will have about 124 temperature-controlled lockers, each with an ipod dock and charger.  Not cool enough?  The facility will have two full size movie theaters, a Duck football museum, a 2,285-square-foot player’s lounge, and a 25,000-square-foot weight room.  Let’s not forget how modern and beautiful this gigantic building will be, as the entire outside of the facility is constructed out of glass.

The mighty Ducks will dominate in facility rankings once this classy glass building is up and running.  Phil Knight had a lot to do with this construction process, as he does in a lot of the athletic facilities for the U of O.  You can be sure – he has spoiled us once again.

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