Comparing Kings and Coaches

Mark Helfrich

Kevin Cline Photography

Mark Helfrich

To see the difference between former head coach Chip Kelly and newly promoted head coach Mark Helfrich doesn’t take rocket science, or any science at all for that matter.  They are like apples and oranges, night and day, Ducks and Beavers.  Since I am into this whole comparing my favorite television shows’ characters to Ducks thing, I might as well keep it rolling.

He's no Direwolf, but he packs a pretty mean punch - Ask the Houston Cougar.

Photo by Kevin Cline Photography

He’s no Direwolf, but he packs a pretty mean punch – Ask the Houston Cougar.

If there were a perfect comparison for the contrasting personalities of our current and past leader, it would be Kelly as Robert Baratheon and Helfrich as Eddard Stark.

Baratheon and Kelly rule with great expectations and a business mentality.  As a king and a coach, these two don’t put up with technicalities and are always the first to criticize in hope of never letting their followers settle.  Kelly doesn’t joke, and if he does he is half serious.  Dry.  Dry.  Dry.  Baratheon is the leader of the pack, and he has no problem flexing his muscles when he has to.

Stark and Helfrich have the respect of anyone who knows them.  Stark was inevitably killed at the hands of honesty and for giving one a fair chance.  A man of integrity who will never go against his morals, avenging Stark burns hot in the hearts of Northerners.  Helfrich is an ultra-motivator and a head cheerleader.  He wants nothing more than to see his players succeed, and his coaches will stand firmly behind him until the day he retires.


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