Fast: DAT vs. ORB

For the past two years, De’Anthony Thomas has been the fastest man in college football.  He’s held is own on the track, too.  Back on March 16, DAT posted just over a 21-second 200 meter dash at the Oregon Preview meet held at Historic Hayward Field.

Thomas' Speed Is No Secret - But Catching Him Is

Thomas’ speed is no secret – But how to catch him is.

Thomas’ obvious quickness got me thinking as I watched the 2013 Kentucky Derby this past Saturday — is it possible that Thomas’ 200 meter time could rival that of the Derby’s winner, Orb?

The short answer: no.  Orb is a different level of fast and even in the muddy conditions of last Saturday, Orb posted a final time of just over two-minutes on a 2,000 meter -plus course.  If these two speedsters ever did challenge one another in a 200 meter dash, though, Thomas’ 21-second time would not come close to Orb’s — but it would be less than double.

Although the matchup between DAT and Orb is highly unlikely, the Derby champion, his fellow steeds and maybe a greyhound or two might be the only animals on this planet that could keep up with the Black Momba.  Well, of course there’s always your cheetahs, but put a set of pads on them and what could they do?  Whether it’s a 91-yard touchdown run in the 2012 Rose Bowl or leaving purple jerseys in his rearview mirror during last years Fiesta Bowl, Thomas is fast — and the bigger the moment, the faster he seems to be.

First-year head coach Mark Helfrich will give Thomas every opportunity to show his speed.  While it’s safe to say the Oregon Preview track meet was no Kentucky Derby,  it’s bad news for out-of-breath safeties that DAT is better than half as fast as the fastest horse out there.


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