Helfrich Needs a Nickname

Mark Helfrich

Kevin Cline Photography

Mark Helfrich

Every great coach has a nickname.  The Mad Hatter and Big Balls Chip are a few, but I have a feeling Mark Helfrich will earn one soon.  With the charisma and charm he has, it won’t take Helfrich long for something to latch on.  I can remember as quickly as the second home game of the year, people chanted, “Big Balls Chip!”  I give it until the start of conference play before Helfrich has a new name.

What is in a name anyway – Is it looks?  Can be.  Style of play?  Most definitely!  But I think that Sir Mark’s name will come from his sincerity.  Not many coaches carry themselves the way Helfrich does: friendly, outgoing, genuine, caring.  So it only seems fitting that a man known for his charm will get a nickname to fit.

I am not the type to create a nickname out of the blue.  It is something that just happens.  But if I were a betting man, I would bet against Helf’s nickname having a body part as a comparison.  Helf the Elf?  Meh…It rhymes, but that’s probably not the right nickname for a football coach.  It’ll come, though, just let it happen.

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