Hit The Field If You Haven’t Already

If you haven’t been to PK Park or Howe Field, get off your hams and get to the stadiums!  One of the most beautiful springs in a decade is upon us, and both the Ducks baseball and softball teams are ranked in the top-10.  The softball team has taken the Pac-12, and the baseball team is trying to do the same.

I used to say that baseball and softball are fun sports to watch because they are less tense, slow-paced and genuinely relaxing.  It turns out that I’m wrong on that account.  When your team is in the top-10, just like our football team is every year, the suck-knob gets turned down and the intensity is jacked up to astronomical levels.  Seeing a squeeze play in the bottom of the ninth to beat the ‘Trees’ and a grand slam to drown the Beavers live rewrites anything you thought about the two sports.

Our softball team unveiled new uniforms this year, and they look GOOD (the jerseys I mean..), and the male mallards don’t look too shabby either.  These teams have everything you want: a sweet stadium experience, stunning uniforms, a passionate crowd and National Title echelon ball.

Quit slackin’ and get quackin’ – champions are still at work!

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