Just How Good Can Dotson Be?

Last year as a freshman, Damyean Dotson was instrumental in our success on the court.  He got better month by month and played his best basketball during the NCAA tournament, scoring 17 points against Oklahoma State in the first round (technically second round) and a career high 23 points against a solid St. Louis squad.  In both games he spurred us on to victory with his impressive long range shooting.  Damyean Dotson improved dramatically over the course of his first year in Eugene, and the best is yet to come.

Dotson created a lot of buzz this season.

Photo by Walt's Photography

Dotson created a lot of buzz this season.

Dotson reminds me a lot of a young version of Allen Crabbe from Cal.  That is pretty lofty praise considering he was the PAC-12 player of the year, led Cal to a first round upset of UNLV, and is likely to be a first round draft pick in this year’s draft.  Along with being a diehard Duck, I am also a fan of Cal basketball.  I watched Crabbe all three years he played in the PAC-12, and his freshman year was a lot like that of Dotson’s.  Both are natural shooters who possessed the ability to get to the rim during their freshman seasons, but didn’t take advantage of it enough, for whatever reason.  Crabbe finally put it all together this season and realized that his ability to shoot from the outside forces the defense to press out.  He and Dotson both have the ability to go around their defenders.  Crabbe added that to his repitoire this season and because of it turned himself into a serious player.  Once Dotson figures out how to balance outside shooting with efficiently attacking the rim, the sky will be the limit for Damyean.

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