Kazemi the next big thing in L.A?

Last week, former Oregon forward Arsalan Kazemi worked out with the Lakers as the NBA draft nears.  Kazemi had a breakout year and gained national attention in a top athletic conference, especially when the Ducks made their impressive run in the NCAA tournament.  Kazemi was a significant factor in the Ducks’ tournament run, grabbing almost every rebound and banging down low with some of the best big men in the country.

Kazemi's pure hustle could land him a spot on an NBA roster

Kevin Cline Photography

Kazemi’s pure hustle could land him a spot on an NBA roster.

ESPN has Kazemi tabbed as the 86th overall prospect in the upcoming draft and says he has the potential to be a second round pick;  if not,  he will surely be signed as a free agent and have a chance to prove himself in the summer league against other rookies.

Arsalan Kazemi’s strengths include a fantastic motor,  great rebounding,  skill around the basket, and just plain toughness.  He may lack the athleticism that other bigs have in the NBA, and he is still  developing a consistent shot (which we did not see much of during his final year at Oregon).  If Kazemi can bulk up a bit and start knocking down mid-range jumpers on a regular basis, he has the chance to be NBA material.  Who knows – he could be the answer to the Lakers’ problems.

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