Pac-12 or Big “Ten?”

Can De'Anthony keep up his Bowl greatness if the Ducks make it to the National Title?

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De’Anthony’s performance in the Rose Bowl leaves me wondering if anyone in the Big Ten can slow down the Mamba.

Two legendary conferences have been meeting in the Rose Bowl for decades.  The Big Ten and Pac-12 have some of the most memorable games in college football postseason history: the 1997 matchup between Ohio State and Arizona State, the 1988 battle that saw Michigan State defeat USC 20-17, and of course, the 2012 Rose Bowl between the Ducks and Wisconsin.

But there is no point in looking at the past.  The two conferences have changed considerably – in both size and style – and new teams have risen to the top.  Oregon and Stanford have separated themselves from the rest of the Pac, while Penn State and Ohio State have spent time out of the post season due to NCAA sanctions.

Will losing Chip Kelly be too much for Oregon and Mark Helfrich to overcome this season?

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Will losing Chip Kelly be too much for Oregon and Mark Helfrich to overcome this season?

So which is the better conference this year?  Was Ohio State’s 12-0 season a coming out party for Braxton Miller and Urban Meyer?  Will Michigan be better or worse without “Shoelace” Robinson as the ball handler?  Can Oregon shake off those missed field goals and put it together for another undefeated season or will a new head coach and his flock go through growing pains?  Don’t forget Stanford, whose coach David Shaw has tweaked while keeping the Palo Alto train running.

Conference play in both leagues will have national title implications.  The SEC will have at least one team in the ‘Ship, but there are five other conference winners that, if undefeated, could have an opportunity to dethrone the seven-time reigning champs from the South.  The winners of the Big Ten and Pac-12 have as good a chance as any at a #2 BCS ranking come season’s end.

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Brandon Gruber

Brandon Gruber

Brandon is a senior at The University of Oregon majoring in Film Studies and minoring in Communications. Brandon has been a Duck fan for ten years since he moved from southern California to Salem, Oregon, and quickly realized the Ducks were the missing piece in his life. A Pac-12 fan since birth, much of his family attended UCLA and has since converted all of them to the Quack Attack. Brandon interned for the Statesman Journal covering the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes and hopes to work for the Pac-12 in the near future. He also hopes to see the "Flying-V" formation played out on the football field in the fall of 2013. Brandon would love your feedback on any and all articles. Tweet me: @BrandonGruber

  • Heart of Krenzel

    LOUD WORDS, bruh.

    Ohio State would level any pansies from the Pac12. Oregon can’t even beat Indiana in Autzen stadium.

    B1G is gonna EAT this fall all the haters will see. Nebraska and Michigan will be in the top 10 too so no room for weak pac schools.

    We are close to the GREAT LAKES for a reason! We are real Americans not hippie scum, hobos, and loggers! Ducks and Beavers would never be Legends or Leaders like the B1G schools will always be!!!

    Everyone knows where the REAL football is played! Pac ain’t fast they’re just weak and don’t do strength training LOOK AT THE NFL AND WISCONSIN!!!!

    B1G is loaded top to bottom that’s all ESPN has been talking about DO YOU NOT PAY ATTENTION????

    • hokieduck

      Hey Heart. Your conference did away with the ridiculous Legends and Leaders designations. Thank God.

      As to the rest of your post, not worth it to respond. We will let our play do the talking.