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When a team is known for its offensive flash, like the Oregon Ducks are, it’s easy to forget about the men doing the dirty work in the trenches – the men who are making the offense do its thing.  These men don’t make Sportscenter’s Top 10, and they don’t care.

Oregon took a big hit to its offensive line after the 2012 season with the graduating of Kyle Long, Nick Cody, and Ryan Clanton.  Losing a starter is always tough, but losing three in one position group is downright brutal. 

With big shoes to fill, coach Mark Helfrich grabbed two of the top 15 guards of the 2013 recruiting class.  Evan Voeller is the No. 9 prospect at the position according to ESPN.  The high school senior stands 6′ 5″, 263-lbs coming from West Linn (Oregon) High School.  ESPN listed Cameron Hunt, 6′ 4″, 267-lbs, as the No. 15 prospect.  The Southern California native from Centennial High School will fly north to Eugene this fall.

As An Offensive Guru, Helfrich Knows The Importance Of A Solid O-Line

Offensive guru Helfrich knows the importance of a solid O-Line.

Voeller or Hunt may not be the next Kyle Long, who went in the 1st-round of the NFL draft, but with the coaching they’re about to get from O-Line coach Steve Greatwood don’t count either of them out.  For now, the two high school standouts will have to battle their way through a talented group of sophomores and redshirt freshmen to earn a starting spot on the Ducks’ offensive line.  The boys may not be flashy – they may not make the highlight reel – but they are needed.  It all starts in the trenches.

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Cline

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