Uh Oh. That's Not Good

Kevin Cline

Uh Oh. That’s Not Good.

How would you like to be “THAT GUY” – the one who inspired Chip Kelly’s immortal words, “Hey, will you shut up?!” No? Well, it could be worse.  You could be “that guy” who single-handedly ended Oregon’s drive to the BCS Championship by taking out a major Duck star.

We’re not talking bar fights or street brawls here.  We’re talking rec basketball, which many of our star athletes play regularly — often during their competitive seasons.  As a UO student, I know.  I’ve been there, and it’s a sad fact that accidents do happen.  Now if I cream my ankle and I’m on crutches for a few weeks, it’s no big deal. But if one of our stars…Let’s not even go there.

I’m not saying athletes should be banned from wholesome activities like rec basketball.  It’s a normal part of campus life and they’re entitled.  It’s great for them and it’s even greater for us to get to know them on a personal level.

So please, Coach Helfrich, let your guys have some college fun, but tell them to save their A-game for the football field.  Tell them to leave their testosterone at home when they head to the rec center.  Tell them to wear red jerseys that remind us to avoid contact.  Tell them to suddenly remember a midterm if things get heated.

Just don’t put me in a position where I could end up being “that guy.”  I don’t want the infamy, and unless we have some Husky, Beaver, or (dare I say it?) Crimson Tide spies in our midst, nobody else does either.

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