Weakest Position This Fall?

#44 DeForest Buckner

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#44 DeForest Buckner

Oregon is known for using countless players on defense, rotating every couple plays.  On offense, outside of running back, there isn’t a whole lot of player movement until later in the game.  Backup receivers come into play if the offense is on a sustained drive, as well as the offensive linemen when we need fresh bodies, but overall the positions are pretty stable.

Oregon Spring Game

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Oregon Spring Game

If there were a weakest position for the Ducks this fall, what would it be?  Quarterback could be argued simply due to the lack of depth, but it’s a stretch to call it the weakest.  Running backs are youthful as well, but again there’s a lot of talent to work with if a player goes down.

On defense, an experienced defensive line and secondary make the fresh meat at linebacker stick out like a sore thumb.

For sake of picking, this appears to be the weakest position for the Ducks entering fall camp.  Not without upside, the linebackers are simply less seasoned than they have been in a few years.  It’s much like the transition we had when Matthews, Paysinger and Kaddu left.  We still have talented, worthy replacements.

Junior Derrick Malone, redshirt sophomore Tyson Coleman and junior Rahim Cassell are the most experienced linebackers, all serving backup roles last season.  Aside from those players, the Ducks will pray that Joe Walker, a Juco transfer, continues progressing and that incoming freshman Tyrell Robinson or Danny Mattingly can contribute early.

While the Ducks seem thin at linebacker, the emergence of a talented freshman will put a lot of worries aside.  Mattingly and Robinson both have fans excited about the future of the Duck linebacking crew and if one or both can contribute this fall Oregon will be A-okay.


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