Will Dion Be the Next Jason Taylor in Miami?

After seeing our beloved Dion Jordan go number 3 overall in the draft this past week to the Miami Dolphins, everyone in the sports world was quick to compare him to the future first ballot hall of famer Jason Taylor.  No pressure right? WRONG…Don’t misunderstand where I am coming from.  I believe Dion Jordan is going to have a very successful career in the NFL and will be a force to deal with for a long time.  However, when you put together the facts that the Dolphins traded up 9 spots to get him and that they are comparing him to and hoping he becomes the next Jason Taylor, that adds up to a lot of extra stress and pressure for a 22 year old KID.  Emphasis on the KID part.

Will he be the next jason Taylor?

Kevin Cline Photography

Will Dion be the next Jason Taylor?

Dion Jordan has all of the tools to become the next Jason Taylor.  If he isn’t the second coming of the Dolphins’ most famous defensive player of all time, I am very confident that they’ll settle for a guy who gets them 5-10 sacks a season, 2-4 forced/recovered fumbles, and countless plays with good man or zone coverage.  Dion has it all.  The questions remains: can he put it all together at the next level, and will he embrace or shy away from the lofty hype and expectations?  In my opinion Dion is going to a very solid pro, but the Jason Taylor comparisons might be a bit much.

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