You Can Have Whatever You Like

Sitting in the stands with my brother and his fiance in Section 33, I often stare down at the field, amazed by our offense.  Like most fans, the second they step on the field I am on my feet, antsy to see which rabbit gets pulled out of the hat.  So in the words of T.I., if you could have whatever you like, who would you throw on the field and where would they go?

Oregon's success starts with Mariota.

Photo by Gary Breedlove

Oregon’s success starts with Mariota.

At QB, the pick is obvious – Mariota.  Next I would have the five offensive linemen lined up as follows: RT – Tyler Johnstone, RG – Hamani Stevens, C – Hroniss Grasu, LG – Cameron Hunt, and LT – Jake ‘the Snake’ Fisher.  I would then go with a two-tight end set with Lyerla on the left and Pharoah Brown on the right, both leaving the line for their routes. De’Anthony would be in the slot to the left and Josh Huff out wide to the right, sending shivers down the spine of each defender.  Nestled next to left of Mariota – with no respect as a true freshman – Thomas Tyner.

Huff should get down the field more in 2013.

Photo by Gary Breedlove

Huff should get down the field more in 2013.

Thomas would run a wheel route out to the left and up the field.  The rest of the routes might not matter if DAT can get a step or two on his defender early.  Huff would do a deep post, making the safeties decide which speedster to choose.  Lyerla, running forward five yards, would take an out route to the sideline, while Pharoah Brown would do a wheel route similar to DAT.  Last but not least, a Tyner takes the play action fake, before doing an out route to the right as a check-down receiver.

As you can see, I am no head coach.  While it is easy to judge, calling the plays ain’t so easy.  Still, it’s always fun to imagine your play going 80 yards for a touchdown – So what’s your play?

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