De’Anthony’s Draft Stock

De'Anthony's track speed translates well to the gridiron.  Photo credit: Kevin Cline

Kevin Cline

De’Anthony Thomas’ track speed translates well to the gridiron. Photo credit: Kevin Cline

De’Anthony Thomas is a marvelous athlete, a Duck-of-all-trades who lines up at running back, receiver and as a return man.  Versatility and speed are his main assets, and unparalleled cutting ability allows him to find seams that other players simply cannot.  Critics say that his lack of a “true” position coupled with his 5’9″, 170 lb. frame could be a potential roadblock in his NFL career, but the MAMBA don’t care (somebody please make that into a t-shirt), and is out to prove his haters wrong.

DAT has sprinted across the goal line on 36 occasions in his first two seasons at Oregon, and could easily double that total over the next two.  He’s draft-eligible in 2014, but his performance in 2013 must be Heisman-worthy in order to justify skipping his senior season.  Scouts want to see that he’s not a “system-type player,” though I doubt that NFL coaches are too concerned with that given his play-making ability.  Once he makes the jump to the professional level he’ll most likely see much more time at receiver, as whatever team drafts him will want to minimize the damage that linebackers and D-lineman like Ndamukong Suh can inflict upon him.

If DAT can add 5-10 lbs. while maintaining his speed and productivity over the next two seasons, he should be a top-20 draft selection.  Personally, I think he’d look great in the sleek silver and black of (his friend Snoop Lion’s favorite team) the Oakland Raiders, especially with a potential relocation back to his hometown of Los Angeles in the works.

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