Ducks are National Recruiters

From #NationalBrand to @Quackcave on twitter to naming the Duck President, the University of Oregon is doing a lot to add the right pieces to the flock.  Oregon is one of the most recognizable brands in college football and is quickly becoming a dream destination for high school athletes of any sport.

Chip Kelly found recruits in every spot of the country.

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Chip Kelly found recruits in every spot of the country.

It is no secret that our football coaches have been reaching to the deepest depths of the country to find talent.  With commitments from prospects in states like Hawaii, Nevada and California it may be hard to tell, but the coaches are looking under each and every rock to find the next great Duck.

According to 247sports, only eleven of Oregon’s sixty-one offers to date are to California athletes.  California is historically a hotbed for schools all over the West Coast, but recruiting states of short distance like California means less and less as the Ducks get better and better.   Texas, another favorite during the Chip Kelly era, has only received four offers thus far.

The Ducks are making a point of finding Ducks under any circumstances.  Georgia is home to eight prospects offered by the Ducks already, second most of any state behind California.  Oregon has offered five prospects from Arizona, and after that, no other state has more than three.

Oregon is making a name for itself and likewise isn’t limiting the talent search by proximity, but by fit.  Every recruit in the country covets an offer from the Ducks.  I expect this class to be one of the most diverse classes by state the Ducks have ever had.


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