We’re Sexy And We Know It

Snapshot From "Change" Video

Change Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=robPLVmLAkQ&feature=player_embedded

New helmets?
[Snapshot From “Change” Video]

When recruits decide to join the successful flock of Oregon Ducks, there are two factors that go into their decision:  winning and looking good while winning.

On Monday, four Duck students created a motivational video called “Change.”  It shows Duck fans that we really don’t have anything to worry about with all of the changes going on, because winning is in our blood. While watching the video carefully, we can see some newer looking Duck helmets that we can only assume will be part of the flashy and classy look applied this upcoming season.

We all know how Oregon’s allegiance to Nike gives us bragging rights across the nation for coolest looking jerseys, but helmet design has been a newer addition to our outfits that’s bringing more attention to the Ducks than ever before. We can’t deny it though, Nike can’t make all of its money off of Duck apparel, and so they’ve taken some of their sleek designs to other schools around the nation, most notably Cal and Arizona.

Just because Nike is spreading the love, doesn’t mean it won’t show the most love to its favorite school, the UO.  We were able to see a glimpse of what may possibly be our new jerseys next year during the spring game, but one can only continue to wonder what Phil Knight has up his sleeve waiting to make a big bang in our opening day game.  So make sure to keep a lookout for what’s next on the Ducks’ list of fancy apparel, because just like their speedy offense, they could come just as fast and hit you with a new jersey combination in the blink of an eye.


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