Will newly passed bill ruin student-athlete and coaches relationships?

The Oregon Legislature has recently passed a social media privacy bill for college students.  This means that superiors at Oregon universities and colleges will not be able to oblige students into giving their passwords to social media accounts.  The bill was passed on Monday and headed by Governor John Kitzhaber’s desk.

As of Monday, Mark Helfrich and other coaches will not be able to access their players' social media accounts

Kevin Cline Photography

As of Monday, Mark Helfrich and other coaches will not be able to access their players’ social media accounts

The passing of the bill is big news for student-athletes.  Before the bill was passed, student-athletes had to take precautions when using social media, even if their accounts were private.  Coaches could ask players for their passwords since no law prevented this practice.  The tables have now turned; student-athletes have the privacy they deserve as they can now use their accounts without constantly looking over their shoulder.

It will be interesting to see how this new law changes the landscape of student-athlete and coach relations.  With more freedom, will student-athletes abuse it and do things they normally would not have done?  Or will it promote unhappy players to contact other schools through their social media accounts knowing that they have a privacy blanket with the new bill passed?  As of now, these questions cannot be answered and only time will tell us how much of an affect this bill will have the relationship of student-athletes and coaches.

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