A Freshman’s Guide To How To Blend In With The Other Ducks Fans

Coming into college for your freshman year is no easy task. College life and the life you knew before are on two totally different ends of the spectrum. Compared to high school, the courses are run differently, the workload is harder, and the partying is at a different level. Being an independent person for the first time in your life is a big shift from what you were used to I’m sure, but in order to survive here there is one thing you at which need to excel, and that’s being a Ducks Football Fan.

You may be thinking, “Oh, I went to a big high school and our football team was good, there’s no difference.” WRONG! I can guarantee you that you’ve never experienced anything in your life like a Ducks football game, and I’m here to prepare you for anything that may come at you during your time at the U of O.

Rule number 1: make sure to log onto your duck profile at least an hour and a half before tickets are released in order to even have a chance of getting a ticket (they’re gone usually within the first 20 seconds after being released).

Rule number 2: on game days you must wake up extremely early to begin partying and celebrating with your friends (it really helps build the anticipation for the game).

Rule number 3: always arrive at Autzen two hours before the game to make sure you have the best seats in the house (make sure to build up your stamina a week before at the gym because it’s a full-out sprint up Autzen).

Rule number 4 (and the most important one): Yell “OOOOOOOO” at the top of your lungs (we’re known as one of the loudest stadiums in the nation, let’s make sure we don’t give up that status).

Go Ducks!

There's No Such Thing As Being Weird At A Duck Game

Amazing Moments

There’s No Such Thing As Being Weird At A Duck Game

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