And the Award for Most Entertaining Goes To…

Most Interesting -- Even Without the Cheerleaders

Kevin Cline

Most Interesting — Even Not Counting the Cheerleaders

The most entertaining team in college football is our own University of Oregon Ducks.  Not mere opinion, this is the result of an independent scientific, statistical evaluation reported by 

Teams were ranked from first through 124th based upon factors important to the majority of fans:  scoring offense, scoring defense, total points per game, closeness of games, pace of play and overall quality of play.  The only place where our Ducks fell down was on closeness of games (a tolerable problem when it’s in your favor), ranking 123rd  of 124 in that category (only ahead of Colorado, which was short on close games for reasons opposite of Oregon’s).  

The results weren’t even close.  Oregon finished a whopping 27 points ahead of runner-up Arizona, which finished 12 up on third place Texas A & M.  UCLA (9th) and Arizona State (12th) also made the Top 25.  The Beavs came in a respectable 35th.  Cal, Wazzu and Colorado were predictably in triple digits.  The rest of the Pac was pretty middlin’, with USC ranked top of the bottom half at 63rd, thanks to surprisingly not being penalized for having Barbie doll clones for cheerleaders and having their band constantly play that song that I recently learned the words to:

“This is the only song we know, and we play it all the time.

It’s the only song we know, and we play it all the time…”(repeat ad nauseum)

 In a major non-surprise, conferenceless University of Idaho was identified as the most boring team in college football.  But what’s truly amazing is that our Ducks not only kicked butt as being the most entertaining, but did it without any consideration being given to coolest uniforms, hottest cheerleaders and the best game day experience in the land! 

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