Are Basketball Players Athletic Enough To Be Football Players?

Would Kazemi Have Been Able To Play Basketball?

Kevin Cline

Would Kazemi Have Been Able To Play Football?

When talking about athletes, a lot of the time we like to think to ourselves, could he really compete in another sport? A prime example of this would be LeBron James, and whether or not he could have been an NFL star as well. Sometimes, collegiate athletes are skilled enough to be dual sport athletes. Arik Armstead of our Oregon Ducks football team is also a member of the Oregon Ducks Basketball team. Football is his first sport, but basketball is something he excels at just as well.

For the most part, we see football players that are able to play basketball at a collegiate level, but how often do we see basketball players that are able to compete as football players? To be a basketball player, one must have at least three or more of the following skill sets: quickness, ball handling skills, shooting skills, offensive and defensive awareness and endurance. On the other hand, football players have a whole different skill set that basketball players simply don’t have such as: incredible strength, physicality, ability to avoid defenders, quick first steps, and other skills that basketball players are simply not built for.

Could LeBron be a NFL player? Maybe, but the physicality that basketball brings to the table as opposed to football is of a different world. Of course injuries can happen to basketball players and to football players, but a football player’s body is thick enough and has experienced multiple hits that injuries are simply not as common of an obstacle to overcome.

Basketball players simply don’t experience the physical contact and style of play that football offers, but football players are able to adapt to basketball situations because they are just as athletic, and much stronger than basketball players.

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