BCS Championship Matchup: Ducks vs. Bulldogs

Will history repeat itself with the Bulldogs?

Courtesy of the Fiesta Bowl, Krebiel

Will history repeat itself with the Bulldogs?

In 2010 Kansas State and Georgia both canceled home-and-home series against Oregon.  And we all saw how karma worked its magic in 2013 when the Ducks creamed the Wildcats at the Fiesta Bowl.  If history repeats itself, the Ducks will also smother the Bulldogs at their next playoff meeting, which could possibly be this season’s BCS Championship Game.

However, if this matchup happens, Oregon won’t just win because of karma.  Georgia is an elite team in the toughest conference in college football, the SEC, and the Bulldogs came close to beating the Crimson Tide last year.  They return eight starters from last year’s offense, which was arguably the best in Georgia history, so this may be their year to take down the Tide in the SEC championship game.

If Georgia looks formidable on offense, defense is another story.  They must replace nine defensive starters and defensive coordinator Rodney Garner.  They may in fine shape in the long run with the help of new defensive coordinator Chris Wilson and lots of young talent.  But this year is the short run.  Last season, the Bulldogs’ defense wasn’t at its best, and with all the adjustments, Georgia’s defense will definitely lack depth and experience.  Runners to your marks…set…A track meet against Oregon is a bad idea.

Georgia will score points, but the Ducks’ powerhouse offense will destroy the young and new defense the Bulldogs bring to the field, leaving Head Coach Mark Richt wishing he could cancel the fourth quarter along with that home-and-home series against the almighty Ducks.  Final score: Oregon 42, Georgia 31.

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