De’Anthony Thomas: Social Media Master

De'Anthony Thomas' "Black Momba" persona makes it easy for fans to love him.

Kevin Cline

De’Anthony Thomas’ “Black Momba” persona makes it easy for fans to love him.

De’Anthony Thomas is very active on social media, with over 125,000 combined followers on Twitter and Instagram.  Though athletes (like Johnny Manziel) often create a mess for themselves with social media, forums like Twitter and Instagram can give us a unique insight into their personality and psyche; and that perspective can make the fan experience more rewarding.

Fortunately, most Duck athletes are well-behaved on their social media accounts.  Scroll through De’Anthony’s Twitter and you’ll see tweets like “JUDGE ME BY MY PROGRESS” (DAT always uses all-capital letters, part of his “MOMBA” persona), learn of life events like “I BLOCKED A FIELD GOAL ON MADDEN FOR THE FIRST TIME” and glean critical information like “ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOARD GAMES MONOPOLY.”  He also recently posted a picture on his Instagram (@kingmomba6) of him getting his dreadlocks cut, with the caption  ”IT’S STILL HARD TO BELIEVE I CUT MY HAIR BUT ITS 2013 AND NOW IM JUS ON SOME BUSINESS (insert iOS poo emoticon) WIT THE WAVES TO MATCH THE BUSINESS CUT #BLACKLION6.”

Social media allows us to see a different side of athletes like De’Anthony, and NFL teams are certainly monitoring his presence on sites like Twitter.  Unlike some athletes who makes headlines for all of the wrong reasons, De’Anthony is only helping his “BLACK MOMBA” brand (he’s made it clear that it’s spelled “MOMBA, NOT MAMBA”) with his genuine and lighthearted persona online.

It’s athletes like DAT who make Twitter and Instagram enriching, instead of distracting.  Follow his Twitter @EATBLACKMOMBA6.

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Brett Perez

Brett Perez

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