Dennis Dixon making moves in Philly?

In Philadelphia Chip will dearly miss his former starting quarterback, Marcus Mariota.

Kevin Cline

In Philadelphia Chip will dearly miss his former starting quarterback, Marcus Mariota.

I’m excited to see how Dennis Dixon fares during the Eagles training camp (veterans report July 25th), and what moves Chip makes with his four QBs.  Michael Vick seems to be penciled in as the starter, though I think he’s likely to be moved prior to the beginning of the regular season.  Chip has always loved Nick Foles, and had four years in the PAC-12 to evaluate Matt Barkley, whom the Eagles selected 98th overall in April.  Though Dixon would seem to be the odd-man out of that group of talented QBs, his familiarity with Chip’s philosophy may help him earn a roster spot when the final cuts are made.

Neither Foles nor Dixon has had a fair opportunity to showcase their skills at the NFL level, and even if Vick wins the starting job, his inconsistency may persuade Chip to give one of the young arms a chance to show their stuff.  I think Dixon has a major chip on his shoulder, and must realize this is his best (and perhaps last) opportunity to win a starting job in the NFL.  Barkley’s never had to sit on the bench before, so this will be a major learning experience for him.  I think he’s the Eagles starter of the future (and will be a good one), but 2013 won’t be his year.

Whatever the outcome of the QB battle, I’m excited to christen the Eagles as my new favorite team after a lifetime of disappointment as a Cowboys fan.  Be sure to follow rookie-cornerback Jordan Poyer, who was a classmate of mine at Astoria (Ore.) High School.  Duck fans will recognize Poyer from his day’s pestering the Ducks in OSU’s secondary.  Go Eagles!

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Brett Perez

Brett Perez

Brett is a graduate of Astoria High School and is currently a sophomore journalism student at the University of Oregon and member of the 2012-2013 Cheerleading team. He is an Eagle Scout from Troop 211 in Astoria, and enjoys rock climbing and all fitness pursuits. Brett's favorite sport is baseball, with football a close second. Minoring in Spanish, he hopes to work with Latinos in Major League Baseball in some capacity in the future, either as a scout or translator.

  • hoboduck

    Vick needs to go away. IMHO. But as always, Chip will play the best player and that is why he is the coach.
    Go Ducks WTD

    • swagduck

      he still has the potential to be a playmaker every time he’s on the field. Maybe Chip is the coach that finally harnesses all of Vick’s potential and turns it into consistent wins and production, but more than likely he’s done. It’s worth it to give him a chance