Heisman Contenders

Mariota's well-rounded talent will put him in the running for the Heisman.

Kevin Cline

Mariota’s well-rounded talent will put him in the running for the Heisman.

Oregon has always had strong Heisman Trophy contenders, but has never taken home a trophy. This year, between DAT and Mariota, the Ducks have a good shot at winning the honor. With a new head coach, many eyes will be on Oregon and whether or not the powerhouse offense can continue its blistering pace.

De’Anthony Thomas:

Since his first action at Oregon, which came as a true freshman, De’Anthony Thomas left viewers in awe. With his quick feet and impressive numbers (701 rushing yards for 11 touchdowns and 445 receiving yards for five touchdowns), DAT should have been a contender last year. But with many night games and not many nationally televised games, voters didn’t get a good look at his impressive talent. As long as DAT steps up and continues to carry a large load of the Duck’s offense, the Heisman Trophy could fall naturally into Thomas’s hands.

Marcus Mariota:

He can throw, he can run, he’s accurate and he makes good decisions. The face behind the Duck’s offense, Marcus Mariota, showed his elite and versatile skills during his freshman season as a starting quarterback (2,677 yards passing and 32 touchdowns). This upcoming season, with a year of experience and a whole offseason behind him, Mariota will return more confident in 2013. If he continues to play the way he has, the sophomore is more than capable of taking the Heisman from New York City to Eugene.

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