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Helfrich Making Sure The Ducks Aren't Missing A Beat With Their Recruits

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Helfrich Making Sure The Ducks Aren’t Missing A Beat With Their Recruits

As soon as Chip Kelly departed, questions began to arise as to where the program was headed and whether Oregon Football would be able to continue to thrive.  Well, ladies and gents, worry no more as Coach Helfrich has found a gem that will once again allow us to feel relaxed about our program’s trajectory.  On July 12th, news broke on twitter that running back Royce Freeman from Imperial, California decided to commit to the U of O.

Freeman is Oregon’s first 2014 running back recruit and having him will definitely boost our roster’s talent.  Freeman was recently voted the number two running back in the country and is considered a five star recruit.  Coach Helfrich and his recruiters gave him an offer before any other power house school, such as Alabama, could even get a flight to his home to speak with him.  The Ducks were trying to make a splash, and boy did they make a big one!

Freeman is a different sort of running back from what we’ve been used to in recent years, maybe a harbinger of what Helfrich wants the offense to look like in the future.  He’s six feet tall, 227 pounds, and runs a 4.58 forty time.  His style of play resembles Oregon’s former Jonathan Stewart or Tre Carson:  a strong, quick back that will be a force in this league.

Now that Freeman has committed to the Ducks, it will be interesting to see what sorts of recruits the Ducks will be able to bring in with the hype surrounding this young man.  The richer get richer, and hopefully the Ducks can start a snowball effect of top recruits from the Freeman commit.  The Ducks have landed a 5 star recruit in four of the last five recruiting classes.

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