New Uniforms Get New Lids

Snapshot from "Change" video

Oregon football is the guinea pig Nike uses to showcase their newest style of uniforms and there is no end in sight.

The newest, and one of my personal favorites, has just been unveiled thanks to Dior Mathis and his Twitter machine. Mathis, @DMathis3, tweeted a picture of himself, Arik Armstead, and DeForest Buckner sporting the new, head-to-toe highlighter yellow look a few days ago with the caption, “NO FLY ZONE!!!!!!”

The picture shows Mathis, a 5′ 9″, 182-lb junior cornerback standing between the two sophomore defensive linemen Armstead (6′ 8″, 280) and Buckner (6′ 7″, 26) who look more like Mathis’s bodyguards than teammates. Not bad company if you ask me. Mathis tweeted the post around 10:00 pm PDT during a photo shoot for the Ducks unveiling of their new gear. The camera lighting coupled with a shade of darkness to take away from truly how bright the new uniforms are.

If you are on top of your social media game, check out wide receiver B.J. Kelley’s Instagram, @omegakelley, for a 15-second video that shows another angle on the Ducks newest swag.

Snapshot from "Change" video

"Change" Video

New Oregon Lids

These uniforms are already the second piece of new Oregon football attire to be released this summer. The Ducks new helmets were showcased in a video made by university students to get the hype for an August 31 kickoff started early.

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Michael Carnow

Michael Carnow

Michael is a long time sports fanatic from San Diego, California. He has written for a several sports blogs including the Oregon Men’s Club Lacrosse team. In high school, Michael played football and lacrosse for four years, which fueled his passion for the sports world. Admittedly, Michael is only recently became a Duck fan after years of cheering on USC but like Pete Carroll, he flew North for the winter and never looked back. As a recent University of Oregon graduate, Michael appreciates your feedback and is eager for what comes next. You can follow him on Twitter: @mbcarnow

  • Eric H

    There’s nothing new about the uniforms or helmets. They’re the same helmets from the the spring game. The Oregon Football Equipment Twitter account confirmed that they were nothing new.