Newest Oregon uniform combination leaked

Oregon already has yellow/grey but will likely debut all yellow against Nicholls State.

Oregon already has yellow/grey but will likely debut all yellow against Nicholls State.

It might be the slow summer offseason, but whenever the Oregon Ducks unveil new uniform color combinations, it seems to grab national attention.  With Nike at our disposal and always giving new innovations to jerseys and colors, the college football world is fascinated when we push the boundaries.

There hasn’t been an official statement from either the university or Nike, but Oregon corner Dior Mathis recently posted a video and tweeted video of him and his teammates in new uniforms:  all yellow.

Another player, wide receiver B.J. Kelly posted a Vine video of him in the yellow uniforms while at a photo shoot.  It’s not clear when the athletic department or Nike will make a public statement on the new color scheme.  Kelly also captioned the photo with “Little preview for the opening #OregonFootball” which leads me to believe this will debut next month in the home opener against Nicholls State.

With all black, white and green uniforms already in place, watching the Ducks sprint all over Autzen in flashy yellow will make them look white hot. I really dig the highlighter shade of yellow as well as it reminds me of a lightening bolt.

Other universities are trying to rev up their color schemes too, Nebraska will debut all red uniforms with a large black “N” on the chest.  Arizona got a facelift and North Carolina is going with three different color combinations.  But all eyes will be on the Ducks, who always come out flashier in the end.


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