Oregon voted #2 by high school football prospects.

Who wouldn't want to win the day?

Kevin Cline

Who wouldn’t want to win the day?

If you could sign a letter of intent to play at any school in the country, where would you go?

That’s the question studentsports.com asked over 2,000 high school football players this year.  It’s a big question that if I were asked in high school, I’d have to take the time to spend countless hours of research to find what program fit well for my needs.  Football prospects choose their schools based on popularity, prestige, proximity to home and which provides the surest path to the NFL.

High school players now are very much aware of the Oregon Ducks, more than the teenagers who were picking programs 20 years ago.  The Ducks come in second place all by themselves with 9% of the vote, just slightly behind Florida who holds the number one spot.

Could it be because Oregon has made four straight bowl appearances and has won two straight?  Do the multiple uniform combinations lure players to Eugene?  Do high schoolers want to play their best in the roaring environment that is Autzen Stadium?

I think the Oregon Ducks have proven (overwhelmingly) themselves to be one of the most exciting programs of college football. This list doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, and if given the opportunity to play anywhere in the nation, I know I would have gone with the green and yellow.

Footballers Favorite College
1. Florida (11%)
2. Oregon (9%)
T3. Alabama,Miami, USC, Georgia, LSU (7%)
T8. Florida State, Cal Berkeley, Stanford (4%)
11. UCLA (3%)
T12. Texas, Clemson, Oklahoma, Vanderbilt (2%)
T16. Arizona State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Tennessee, Texas A&M, West Virginia, TCU, Arizona, Ole Miss, Texas Tech, South Carolina, Baylor, Oklahoma State, Auburn, San Diego State, Arkansas, Virginia Tech, Boise State, BYU (1%)

Universities that fell under the 1% mark include Boston College, Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, Oregon State, Temple, and Virginia.

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