PAC-12, the QB Conference?

Your faithful fly-over correspondent chiming in today.  The tweet below got my attention and I wanted to bring it to yours.

I’m one of those east-coast viewers who Brett Perez referred to in the “DAT-for-Heisman” Quick Hit earlier today:  I miss a lot of west coast college football.  Oh I stayed up to check out Osweiler at Autzen a couple years ago (strangely enough, I remained impressed with him in spite of ASU’s fail).  Nick Foles looked good whenever I saw him.  And no one could miss Luck’s and Barkley’s accomplishments, even out here.  I would say I’m ahead of the curve in appreciation of Marcus Mariota among eastern time zone types.  I do pay attention.  And I’m sorry to admit that Hogan and Hundley are names that were not on my radar.

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 10.12.56 PM

6) Manziel, TAMU; 7) Keeton, USU; 8) Miller, OSU. (Click for tweet thread.)

Who’s Dane Brugler?  Is this just another blogger with time on his hands?  May be.  Just 10,000 followers.  He does college football draft for CBS so that’s a good credential.  But more impressive are the replies he gets.  For example, the tweet above prompted questions from Dan Kadar (Mocking the Draft for SBNation), Doug Lesmerises (covers Ohio State for the Cleveland Plain Dealer), and Matt Miller who is @nfldraftscout for Bleacher Report.  In other words, when Kadar, Lesmerises, and Miller are hanging on your tweets, your reputation is preceding you in a major way.

He says three of top five QBs in the country are in the PAC-12.

Manziel and Boyd?  Nope.  Fales and McCarron?   Lower down on the list.

All this is a long way of saying… for all the conventional wisdom about SEC dominance… for all my personal interest in seeing the full URBZ in Columbus this year… my take is that the PAC-12 is distancing itself from the country in terms of innovative offenses and developing quarterbacks.  It’s a vastly underrated conference on my side of the Rockies.

I think PAC-12 will some surprise some people out here even if it’s no surprise to you all.

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