Running with the Ducks in “NCAA Football 14”

De'Anthony Thomas is one of the top rated players in the newest edition of NCAA 14.

Courtesy of Neon Tommy/flickr

De’Anthony Thomas is one of the top rated players in the newest edition of NCAA 14.

Fans of the EA Sports NCAA Football series will receive the newest installment July 9th with the 2014 edition.  This year, EA is making many elements of the game more true-to-life, including the Ducks’ offensive power.

In NCAA Football 14, the Ducks have been rated the best offense, alongside the Alabama Crimson Tide; both squads have a 99 overall rating.  While EA has Oregon four total ranking points behind Alabama and a 6th rank as a team, the Ducks will easily become a fan favorite for their blazing quickness.

The biggest addition to NCAA 14 is the improved Infinity Engine that was first seen in last years’ edition of Madden.  Players will notice the physics of each hit, body control, jukes and tackles are much more fluid.  Gone are the days of simply running into each other resulting in an automatic downing.  With star De’Anthony Thomas’ speed at practically a 97 overall rating, defenders will react accordingly as the Black Momba will break tackles, cut through and out-run defenders en-route to Oregon touchdowns.

Details like graphics and overall feel of the game haven’t changed much from previous editions.  Little improvements have been added to the menu screen and overall presentation, such as the players walking out onto the field.  The home-field advantage is a major factor when controlling the offense.  When you’re at Autzen, selecting the primary receiver target can cause the screen to become violently shaky and practically unreadable, due to the loudness of the crowd.

Veterans of the series will enjoy the updated physics; newer players will marvel as to how fast they can score.  Any college football fan will want NCAA Football 14 in their collection to keep them busy till September.

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