The game everyone wants to see: Oregon vs. Alabama

Oregon's offense is nothing less than explosive. How will it fare against Alabama's sturdy defense?

Kevin Cline

Oregon’s offense is nothing less than explosive. How would it fare against Alabama’s sturdy defense?

Last year, many people argued that Oregon should have played in the BCS National Championship game against Alabama, and come bowl season neither Kansas State nor Notre Dame did anything to prove them wrong.  If the Ducks make it to the BCS Championship this year, it is very likely that they will end up facing the Crimson Tide.  It’s the game everyone’s been waiting to see: offense vs. defense, North vs. South, West vs. East, and of course, Pac-12 vs. SEC.

The Crimson Tide have already established their dominance in college football, and with a coach hungry to beat his peers after many of them turned on him this past offseason, they will surely be pushed to crush their opponents.  Alabama is known for its great defensive, but with key players Jesse Williams, Damion Square and Quinton Dial departing, head coach Nick Saban will need to find players to fill in the gaps left in the defensive line.  Still, the Crimson Tide secondary will remain the backbone of the defense, and even with a new D-line, Alabama’s defense has the ability to be as powerful as ever.  If facing the Crimson Tide, the Ducks should try to exploit the fairly new line, and avoid putting the ball in the air too much.

An Alabama vs. Oregon National Championship matchup is what most fans were hoping to see in January 2013, and it’s the game fans should have seen.  Oregon’s explosive offense against Alabama’s suffocating defense would not only be entertaining, but it would be a true test of how good each team really is.  This one comes down to the wire: Oregon 21, Alabama 20.


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