The game everyone wants to see: Oregon vs. Alabama

Oregon's offense is nothing less than explosive. How will it fare against Alabama's sturdy defense?

Kevin Cline

Oregon’s offense is nothing less than explosive. How would it fare against Alabama’s sturdy defense?

Last year, many people argued that Oregon should have played in the BCS National Championship game against Alabama, and come bowl season neither Kansas State nor Notre Dame did anything to prove them wrong.  If the Ducks make it to the BCS Championship this year, it is very likely that they will end up facing the Crimson Tide.  It’s the game everyone’s been waiting to see: offense vs. defense, North vs. South, West vs. East, and of course, Pac-12 vs. SEC.

The Crimson Tide have already established their dominance in college football, and with a coach hungry to beat his peers after many of them turned on him this past offseason, they will surely be pushed to crush their opponents.  Alabama is known for its great defensive, but with key players Jesse Williams, Damion Square and Quinton Dial departing, head coach Nick Saban will need to find players to fill in the gaps left in the defensive line.  Still, the Crimson Tide secondary will remain the backbone of the defense, and even with a new D-line, Alabama’s defense has the ability to be as powerful as ever.  If facing the Crimson Tide, the Ducks should try to exploit the fairly new line, and avoid putting the ball in the air too much.

An Alabama vs. Oregon National Championship matchup is what most fans were hoping to see in January 2013, and it’s the game fans should have seen.  Oregon’s explosive offense against Alabama’s suffocating defense would not only be entertaining, but it would be a true test of how good each team really is.  This one comes down to the wire: Oregon 21, Alabama 20.


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Michelle Friedlander

Michelle Friedlander

Michelle Friedlander is an incoming freshman at the University of Oregon and will be starting at UO's business school in the fall. However, she has been a devoted Duck fan since 2009, when her sister decided to attend Oregon. Michelle is a huge sports fan and has been playing competitive soccer for the last 10 years. She's a very loyal fan and is excited to cheer on the mighty Ducks for the next four years and beyond.


    Michelle, good read and thx, but the Duck’s should of played Notre Dame and the out come would have been pretty much the same, I just believe the SEC gets way tooooo much hype, I mean why not the Ducks, 4 straight BCS Games having won the last two against Quality opponents. Alabama got shellacked at home against A@M, where we got beat at Home and this is how or why I felt we lost the Game. Chips flirting with the NFL Before this Game with Stanford caused the offense to plat way out of sink, I mean everything that went wrong for the offense like DATs missed block on a sure fire TD, So Chips gone and THX for all the great Games, but He totally contradicts himself when he always said NO one is above the Team and evidently this excluded him. All the Big Games we lost were squarely on Chips inability to secure the Wins like the Game against Auburn. This will be the year, and the Ducks will clearly have NO Excuse if they don’t go undefeated this year.

    • jazzmanjimmy

      Bama got “shellacked” by 2 yards in that game. The Tide are true clutch winners, the Ducks are championship whiners. The Ducks are a good, but far from great team. The overrated SEC is going for 8 in a row.

      • Travarsky

        Alabama is going for their next championship. The rest of the S.E.C blows. LSU is the only other key team there. And furthermore, Oregon is a great team. Last year and this year happen to be their greatest. Auburn got lucky in that Championship game. Don’t believe me? Take a look:

        People who give the Oregon Ducks no credit, are usually those who never watch their games at all. Before determining that they “suck” and are “Whiners” how about you look at the teams that have actually given Alabama fits. Offensive teams. Johnny Manziel, Cameron Newton, Aaron Murray, Garcia and more. Now look at Oregon. And Oregon is obviously a much faster paced Offense, they are much quicker in the up-tempo. If Oregon is so weak, why did Nick Saban complain about up tempo? Alabama is not overly superior, it’s just the fans that say that, just like they do every single game, until Alabama loses, then it’s all excuses.

  • jhasse

    You are crazy Alabama would blow them out. Remember when auburn beat them and auburn had what the 112 rated defense. Come on it wouldn’t even be close. Roll tide roll. Alabama 42 Oregon 17

    • Mike Merrell, Editor

      jhasse – Welcome and thank you for your interest in our Ducks and fishduck. Please remember that Auburn made it through the SEC undefeated that year. Alabama has improved in the meantime? I don’t doubt it. So has Oregon. It would be a great game.

  • Jojo

    Shellacked? Really Maita? – Why dont you go watch how that game ended. To even suggest that the ducks deserved to be in the NCG over Bama is asinine- especially after what Bama did to ND. In terms of what ifs…the author of this piece is a heavily biased 18/19 year old who seems to think Bama is purely a defensive team…do your research on Bama’s offense (Mccarron, Yeldon, Cooper and the best receiving corps in football) and don’t forget about the greatest Coach in the least 30 years

    • Mike Merrell, Editor

      Jojo – Thanks for joining us. I have to agree that Oregon didn’t deserve to be in the NCG over Bama. It was ND that didn’t belong in that game. (See my comments about ND on my Quick Hits post, “Four Team Playoff Could Work – Or Not.”) We have tremendous respect for Bama’s offense. McCarron is one of the greats in college football today. Just don’t believe for a moment that Oregon is a purely offensive team. There are some new starters at LB, but you are looking at a large, fast, solid and deep defensive line, gnarly safeties and possibly the best CBs in college football to go against Bama’s receivers. Oregon led the country in interceptions last year.

  • bamafever

    All of you talkin about oregon wouldve or shouldve done this or that, the only thing ive have seen that they have done is choke late in the season and alabama is clutch every game the only reason texas am won last year was because johnny football got a lucky pass batted back to him but wild things happen but the one thing alabama has compared to oregon is a very good heisman contending quarterback who knows how 2 win. 30 tds and only 3 ints enuff said. Roll tide roll ala 34 oregon 14

    • Mike Merrell, Editor

      bamafever –
      Sorry to hear about your fever and hope you get well soon!
      So – let me make sure I’ve got this straight. Oregon is all about would’ve – should’ve and choked against # 6 Stanford for its one loss in overtime last year. Alabama’s loss to # 5 Texas A & M doesn’t count as a choke because they would’ve – should’ve won if it wasn’t for that one lucky play.
      And Oregon doesn’t have an elite quarterback, because 32 td’s and 6 ints (only one in the last seven games), along with 752 rushing yards and 5 rushing td’s as a freshman doesn’t begin to compare with a QB who had 30 tds and only 3 ints enuff said as a junior, after a sophomore year when he had all of 16 tds and 5ints.
      Again, we here at fishduck hope you get well soon!

    • Wolson72

      I think a loss to A&M can be thought of as a choke…

  • Southern Oregon Duck Fan

    It’s interesting to me that so many Alabama fans are saying that the Ducks shouldn’t play against the crimson tide. If they were confident in their team then they would want to have Oregon play against Alabama to show that they are in fact the better team. I think that it would be a great idea to have the two teams play an exhibition match. I’m sure it would sell out within a day.

  • pismopal

    I give the Ducks much credit for being a good, fast team but Alabama will win this one. I look forward to the unfolding of this drama but don’t throw your money away frivilously on O.