The Incredibly Well-Rounded Josh Huff

Josh Huff is the Ducks' most experienced receiver.

Kevin Cline

Josh Huff is the Ducks’ most experienced receiver.

2013 will be Josh Huff’s fourth (and final) season as a Duck. Though he has produced and always been a playmaker, this needs to be the year he does so consistently.   Had he not been slowed by an early-season knee injury for much of 2012, Huff’s numbers would have been much more impressive than the career-best 7 TD’s and nearly 500 yards that he tallied through the air.  His ability to stay healthy and on the field will be an important factor for both the Ducks’ success in 2013, and Huff’s own draft stock in 2014.

Well-rounded receivers like Huff can be utilized in numerous ways by coaches, especially in the spread-offense.  Huff, at 5-11, 210 lbs, consistently utilizes his strength and strong hands to separate himself from cornerbacks at the LOS, and is a constant scoring threat due to his NFL caliber speed and athleticism.  Huff’s willingness as a blocker downfield, and on the edge, makes him invaluable in the option game, and his senior leadership will help a young group of receivers adjust to the nuances and speed of the college game.  His ability to handle fly-sweeps (and fakes), run good routes and be the occasional pitch-man for Mariota all combine to make Huff a valuable commodity, and give him opportunities to stand-out against every opponent.

If Huff stays healthy he’ll be the top wideout for the Ducks in 2013, and should lead in most receiving categories.  With Mariota under center all Huff has to do is catch the ball, and he’s shown consistent hands throughout his career.  Expect production in the 800-1000 yard range, and potentially 10+ TD’s through the air.  Expect Huff to be drafted between the 3rd-5th rounds.

Huff was a big factor vs, USC in 2012.

Kevin Cline

Huff was a big factor vs. USC in 2012.

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