Get pumped for the College Football Playoff!

January 1st, 2015.  The day college football fans have been awaiting ever since the implementation of the BCS, the College Football Playoff (it’s literally called that) is almost here!  Beginning with the 2014-15 season, a committee will select the nations’ top-four teams based on regular season performance, strength of schedule, conference championships, head-to-head, etc., seed those teams #1-4 and those teams will face-off in semifinal bowl games on either New Years Eve or New Years Day (#1 seed will play #4, and #2 will play #3).  Got it?

Semifinal games will rotate between six bowls each year (the Orange, Rose, Chick-fil-A, Sugar, Cotton, and Fiesta); the four bowls not hosting a semifinal will still host eight of the nations’ best teams (making New Years more badass than ever).  The National Championship Game will be held in primetime the Monday after New Years Day, however that will be pushed back a week if the Monday is within seven days to New Years.  Thus, the inaugural National Championship Game of the College Football Playoff will be played (between Oregon and Alabama Ohio State) on Monday, January 12th.  Still with me?

Ducks fans hope to see a similar scene January 12, 2015.

Courtesy of the Fiesta Bowl

Ducks fans hope to see a similar scene January 12th, 2015.

 Recap of CFP highlights:

  • Selection committee chooses the top four teams to play in semifinals, eight others play in (former BCS) bowl games around New Years.
  • Selected teams will be seeded #1-4 based on regular season performance, strength of schedule, etc.
  • Semifinals rotate between six bowls (Orange, Rose, Chick-fil-A, Sugar, Cotton, Fiesta).
  • Bowls not hosting a semi will still have a matchup between two of the nations’ top teams.
  • Winners of semi’s face off the next Monday in the Natty (miss you Cliff).

I give Mariota permission to go pro if he brings the inaugural trophy back to Eugene!  (Special request, we want an emerald crystal football).

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