Trash Can’s Trash Talk

Oregon’s brand new flashy athletic facility has way too many incredible amenities to even begin counting, but one thing you will definitely notice as soon as you walk in is how much we pride ourselves in being the number one team in the state.  In fact, we believe in ourselves so much that we now have garbage cans, located in various places within the facility, with pictures on top showing our beloved Duck throwing a beaver into a trash can.  The picture on top of the trash can also has three words surrounding the display that say, ” Trash, Garbage, Beavers.”

History tells us that the Ducks have 59 wins against the Beavers, and the Beavers have 46 wins against us.  The last time the Beavers beat us was in 2007 in a 38-31 victory.  Since then the Ducks have creamed the Beavers in scores such as 65-38, 37-20, 49-21, and 48-24.  The only recent year that the Beavers ever stood a chance was in 2009, when Oregon still won 37-33.

Let’s give some credit to the Beavers, as they’ve definitely become a more powerful force in the Pac-12 over the past couple of years, but when people think of the State of Oregon, the Ducks are definitely the first thing on their minds. And rightfully so.

These trash cans are a way to remind us – fans and mostly the players – that no matter how the season advances, one thing should always remain true, and that is that we are the superior team in this state.  The numbers don’t lie, and our titles don’t either.

The Ducks will face the Beavers, as usual, in the last game of this upcoming regular season, and don’t be surprised if the Beavers take a little offense to the Duck’s trash cans and come out with a few harder than normal hits.

The Ducks Ready To Dominate

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The Ducks Ready To Dominate

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