What Makes Autzen Stadium The Greatest Stadium In The Country?

“It’s louder than any place I’ve ever been, and that includes “The Swamp” at Florida, “The Shoe” in Columbus and “Death Valley” at Louisiana State. Autzen Stadium is where great teams go to die.” That was what J. Brady McCullough of The Michigan Daily had to say after an incredible upset over third ranked Michigan in 2003. Autzen Stadium, though smaller than a lot of college stadiums in the nation, ranks at the top of the list as one of the loudest, craziest and most memorable experiences you will ever have.

As fans begin to walk over the Autzen Bridge in unison through the woods and the sun begins to set on a gorgeous Saturday evening, a tingling sensation begins to flow through their bodies letting them know, “it’s game time.” Once the security guards open Autzen, there’s no turning back as all of the students begin to rush and push one another to make sure they have the best student seats in the house. Within minutes, the 54,000-seat stadium fills up as fans begin to watch their Fighting Ducks performing their usual warm-up routines. With an hour before the coin toss, fans already are chanting, “Go, Ducks!” at the top of their lungs, across the stadium, letting the opposing team know that Autzen is Duck turf and no other team shall come out victorious but the Ducks.

Football becomes more than a game, it becomes a war that the fans become so engaged in, they almost feel that they’re the ones on the field!  The stadium becomes louder and louder as the game progresses, and its record volume is 127.2 decibels.

To sum up, Lee Corso of ESPN College Gameday said it best, “It’s the greatest scene that I’ve ever seen in College GameDay.  That early in the morning, that many people. That makes it special.”

Fans Winning Their Day

Kevin Cline

Fans Winning Their Day

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