What’s The Biggest Change In The Duck’s Program Since Chip’s Departure?

Chip Kelly leading the Philadelphia Eagles

We’ve all been wondering what sorts of changes we would  see with the new roles our old coaches are taking on in this 2013 season, and according to stars Ifo Ekpre-Olomu and Marcus Mariota we should expect… none?  The Ducks defensive and offensive leaders took some questions from a few reporters last week at the Pac-12 Media Day at Sony Studios, as to what would be different this year with Coach Helfrich as our head coach as opposed to previous years with the great Chip Kelly.  Mariota and Ekpre-Olomu were fairly quiet about what this season will bring, but that’s not new to Ducks fans as offseason discussion was always a limited topic during Chip’s era.

Gotta Trust The System, Look At The Results!


Gotta Trust The System, Look At The Results!

What the two did have to say was that just like previous years, The Black Momba will not be starting at running back because if he did, all eyes would be on him.  They also told reporters that nothing would change with the defense and their approach towards every game.

So what the heck are we supposed to expect will be different this year that will finally lead us to a win in the Natty?  Marcus Mariota’s answer to the biggest change for the Ducks was that the jerseys would be different.

To be honest, we can’t expect much more to be different for our Ducks.  I mean come on, 4 BCS appearances since Chip’s arrival, two Pac-10 and one Pac-12 Championships, and almost winning the national championship against Auburn?  You can’t really argue those results, so why change anything?  The only thing that has stopped the Ducks from reaching the national championship every year has been their late game field goal kicking, which we can most likely expect to finally be up to par with the great team we have.  Having a team like the Ducks is a privilege not too many other schools have, so let’s trust our Ducks, and see what tricks Coach Helfrich can bring to the table that we may have never seen before.

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Dean Davis

Dean Davis

Dean Davis grew up for most of his life in the Bay Area. A huge 49er and Warrior fan. After moving to Eugene in 2010 he couldn't resist the urge to add the Ducks to his list of favorites, and is now aDuck fan for life. Dean is a Human Physiology student at the U of O who loves to play basketball and stay in shape during his free time. His favorite Duck of all time is Anthony Blake, a warrior on and off the field. You can Tweet Dean at @DeanDavisDaDuck

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