Who Can Claim The Title of: Best Sports College?

Question for debate: What college in the U.S.A. is the best all-around sports school?

I am proud to say the Oregon Ducks are firmly entrenched in this conversation and after last year’s performance is currently the top school in my eyes.  Other schools in the talk could be UCLA, Florida, Louisville, Ohio State, and Michigan among others. You could call this a biased selection, but I say take a look at the numbers.  CBS rated Oregon’s 2012 as #2 among all schools.

Phil Knight and Nike should be proud.


Phil Knight and Nike should be proud.

To be the best all-around college a school cannot be satisfied with just one successful program.  Although college football may get the most attention, with college basketball a close second, great sports schools are not content with being good at just those.  With the help of a strong fan base and a growing Pit Crew, the university’s athletics do not seem like they will be slowing down anytime soon.

The Ducks football team finished with a 12-1 record last season and ended with a number two ranking according to AP.  They finished with a great Fiesta Bowl win against Kansas State, 35-17.  Their football brand is at an all-time high and they are recognized around the country as the face of speed and innovation.

The basketball team under Coach Dana Altman made a Sweet 16 appearance last March after winning the Pac-12 Championship over UCLA.  It is a program headed in the right direction and I expect them to have sustained success.

The baseball team finished ranked eighth and lost the regional series coming up just short of the College World Series.

Those three men’s sports all ranked in the top 25 last year which is very rare.

The Ducks women’s volleyball team made it all the way to the Championship game before losing to Texas, which is nothing to hang your head over.

Combine all of that with the rich history of Hayward Field, a.k.a. TrackTown USA, with the Ducks track team that continuously brings back trophies and you have one hell of a sports school.

What school would you choose?

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